Technology moves at an exponential pace and traditional organizations do not. True leaders cannot get left behind the digital curve. According to a recent McKinsey Study on Digital Quotient, Digital Leaders outperform their peers with 5X more revenue growth, 8X more operating profit growth, and nearly 2X better shareholder returns. Yet only 16% of companies are really positioned to be digital leaders in their respective markets. So while digital transformation is on the mind of most executives, there remains a significant gap in achieving the real impact of digitizing enterprises. To unleash these gains for your business true digital transformation requires rethinking how business is conducted including business processes, organization and talent, innovation models, and how to fully engage their digitally empowered customers.

Such transformation is evident across many sectors.

  • Medical institutions are using Artificial Intelligence like Watson to change the way cancer is treated.
  • Retailers are using Big Data and predictive analytics to create customized experiences for their shoppers.
  • Field workers are becoming "uberized", leveraging location-aware devices, apps, and messaging to better coordinate activities and increase productivity.
  • Buyers and sellers are leveraging Blockchain technology to increase privacy/security and reduce friction in payment systems.
  • Power generators are using the Internet of Things to gather system-wide information to help them better manage power distribution and consumption.
  • Entirely new business models and market opportunities are being created every day such as ride sharing, digital therapeutics, and drone delivery.

Despite the broad range of verticals and applications for the next generation digital technology, certain themes have begun to emerge. The technologies that are being employed are:

  • Connected (via pervasive Mobile, Web, and IoT touchpoints)
  • Aware (harnessing big data and analytics to understand historical patterns and context)
  • Smart (applying machine learning/AI to enable targeted, prescriptive actions)
  • Trusted (embedding privacy and security at all layers of interactions).

Phorum 2017 will focus on these key themes, and provide real world examples of how digital enterprises are doing things that weren't possible even two years ago. Attendees hear from thought leaders in these different areas, will meet and interact with solution providers that are leading the charge with new technologies and share experiences with enterprise users that are solving next generation problems.


Geoffrey Moore
Author, Speaker, Advisor

Geoffrey Moore is an author, speaker, and advisor who splits his consulting time between start-up companies in the Mohr Davidow portfolio and established high-tech enterprises, most recently including Salesforce, Microsoft, Intel, Box, Aruba, Cognizant, and Rackspace.

Moore's life's work has focused on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovations. His first book, Crossing the Chasm, focuses on the challenges start-up companies face transitioning from early adopting to mainstream customers. It has sold more than a million copies, and its third edition has been revised such that the majority of its examples and case studies reference companies come to prominence from the past decade. Moore's most recent work, Escape Velocity, addresses the challenge large enterprises face when they seek to add a new line of business to their established portfolio. It has been the basis of much of his recent consulting.

Irish by heritage, Moore has yet to meet a microphone he didn't like and gives between 50 and 80 speeches a year. One theme that has received a lot of attention recently is the transition in enterprise IT investment focus from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement. This is driving the deployment of a new cloud infrastructure to complement the legacy client-server stack, creating massive markets for a next generation of tech industry leaders.

Moore has a bachelors in American literature from Stanford University and a PhD in English literature from the University of Washington. After teaching English for four years at Olivet College, he came back to the Bay Area with his wife and family and began a career in high tech as a training specialist. Over time he transitioned first into sales and then into marketing, finally finding his niche in marketing consulting, working first at Regis McKenna Inc, then with the three firms he helped found: The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute, and TCG Advisors. Today he is chairman emeritus of all three.

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President eHealth Solutions, Bioclinica

VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce

VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Forrester

Vice President, Customer Engagement, Aktana

Principal, Vanguard

CEO, SpaceTime Insight



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Phorum Open

Peter Coffee, Salesforce
Liz Herbert, Forrester


"Lightning Talk" - CONNECTED


Networking Break


"Lightning Talk" - AWARE





Geoffrey Moore


"Lightning Talk" - SMART


"Lightning Talk" - TRUSTED


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Afternoon Keynote


Demo Pit Award & Phorum Wrap Up

Peter Coffee, Salesforce


Networking Reception




The Phorum Showcase provides a space for cutting-edge technology companies to meet and demo their product with key enterprise decision makers. If you're interested in this unique opportunity to showcase your company, products, and services at one of the hottest gatherings of enterprise decision makers on the East Coast, please contact sponsors@philadelphiapact.com

Come join the Phorum Showcase to meet and demo your products and services with key enterprise decision makers.

This year's exhibitors include:


  • Win in the Pit
  • 2016 Participants
  • 2015 Participants
  • 2014 Participants
2016 Phorum Phoward Winner - RedOwl

With the innovative technologies in our Demo Pit and Phorum Showcase, presentations, and panels featuring some of nation's leading thought leaders, Phorum is a must attend event for business leaders that want to gain a competitive edge. These finalists will be able to demonstrate their technology and compete for the Phorum Phorward award for best in show.

The Phorum Demo Pit was created to allow startups to connect with C-level enterprise decision makers attending the Phorum conference. Participating companies will demo their product and/or solution to over 400 Phorum attendees. Our 2016 winner, RedOwl was accepted to and graduated from Silicon Valley's prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program and raised a funding round led by First Round Capital.

2016 Demo Pit Judges

Ian Gallagher
Regional Director, Marketing
Comcast Business

Nate Lentz
Managing Partner
Osage Venture Partners

Brock Weatherup
Managing Partner, Atai Ventures
President, Philly Startup Leaders

For any additional details or questions, please contact Allen Born at allen.born@fairmountpartners.com.


Phorum will take place at SugarHouse , Event Center

SugarHouse Event Center | 1001 N Delaware Ave | Philadelphia, PA 19125

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Phorum is an enterprise technology conference for business and technology executives. It focuses on how enterprises can maximize the business value of specific technologies and innovation.

Industry thought leaders as well as hands-on practitioners will provide engaging content through keynotes, panels, and interactive discussions to help executives understand not just the technology but how the technology can be pragmatically applied to transform the enterprise and achieve strategic business goals.

In addition to keynote speakers and panels, the conference will also feature the Phorum Showcase exhibition area, and the always popular "Phorum Demo Pit" where conference attendees can experience, first-hand, some of the most innovative technologies being developed in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Each year top executives from around the country gather at Phorum in a highly entertaining and collegial atmosphere. Register now to see how Phorum 2017 will help you digitize your enterprise.

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